Market Monitor Consumer Durables Netherlands 2017


  • オランダ
  • 耐久消費財

28 3 2017

NL 2017 CD SW

Competition is high in all segments and price pressure offsets sales volume growth, meaning that the already low profit margins will remain under pressure.

Trading Briefs

Atradius know-how on trading opportunities including the documents: Export Practice, Credit-to-Cash Briefings and the Atradius Risk Map.

Industry Performance Forecast

Access a snapshot of the credit risk situation and business performance of 14 major industries in more than 30 countries. The forecast is based on the assessment of Atradius underwriters.

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    Market Monitor chemicals USA 2019


    • アメリカ合衆国
    • 化学・薬品

    16 7 2019

    Should the Sino-US trade dispute continue or even escalate, US petrochemical businesses would face unfriendly market conditions with falling prices.

    Market Monitor chemicals China 2019


    • 中国
    • 化学・薬品

    16 7 2019

    The repercussions of the trade dispute with the US have been limited so far, but several US-export dependent SMEs could fail should the dispute continue.

    Market Monitor chemicals United Kingdom 2019


    • イギリス
    • 化学・薬品

    16 7 2019

    Profitability of businesses is generally high in this sector, but Brexit poses a downside risk for businesses profitability and payment behaviour.

    Market Monitor chemicals Germany 2019


    • ドイツ
    • 化学・薬品

    16 7 2019

    Due to the more difficult market environment and decreasing sales, we have recently downgraded the sector performance outlook from “Excellent” to “Good”.

    Market Monitor chemicals Italy 2019


    • イタリア
    • 化学・薬品

    16 7 2019

    Performance is affected by slowdown in demand from automotive, uncertainty about Italian fiscal policy and the trade dispute between the US and China.

    Market Monitor chemicals Brazil 2019


    • ブラジル
    • 化学・薬品

    16 7 2019

    The Brazilian agrichemicals sector remains very susceptible to sudden changes in climate conditions, market prices and exchange rate fluctuations.

    Market Monitor chemicals Singapore 2019


    • シンガポール
    • 化学・薬品

    16 7 2019

    In the medium- to long-term low-cost competitors from Asia and the Middle East could seriously challenge Singapore's export-oriented chemicals industry.

    Market Monitor chemicals Spain 2019


    • スペイン
    • 化学・薬品

    16 7 2019

    The plastics segment is impacted by environmental awareness and stricter regulations, which could negatively affect businesses in the near future.

    EU moving forward with free trade deals


    • アルゼンチン,
    • オーストリア,
    • その他

    09 7 2019

    The EU continues to buck the international protectionist trend, signing two historic trade agreements.

    Mexico: weaker growth, stronger credit risk perception


    • メキシコ
    • 農業,
    • 耐久消費財,

    25 6 2019

    Although Mexico is well-positioned to withstand shocks, as its external finances remain strong, the country’s economic outlook is weakening.