European Football Championship Industry match-ups

Industry Match-up Reports

  • オーストリア,
  • ベルギー,
  • クロアチア,
  • チェコ,
  • フランス,
  • ドイツ,
  • ハンガリー,
  • アイスランド,
  • アイルランド,
  • イタリア,
  • オランダ,
  • ノルウェー,
  • ポーランド,
  • ポルトガル,
  • ルーマニア,
  • ロシア,
  • スロバキア,
  • スペイン,
  • スウェーデン,
  • スイス,
  • トルコ,
  • イギリス
  • 自動車・輸送,
  • 化学・薬品,
  • 建設,
  • エレクトロニクス・ICT,
  • 食品,
  • 機械・エンジニアリング


The Industry match-up reports analyse the risk situation/outlook in one industry for countries which are paired together in the Euro 2016 tournament.

Ranking the credit risk situation









European Football Championship - football player









The Industry match-up reports will be available for selected matches and they will analyse the risk situation/business performance outlook in one industry for countries which are paired together in the actual football tournament. We will also provide a score, ranking the risk situation/outlook for the analysed industry from one ball (very poor) to five balls (very good).

We are covering 14 matches in the Group stage with an Industry match-up report:


  • France versus Romania - Construction Outlook
  • Wales versus Slovakia - Automotive Outlook
  • England versus Russia – Electronics/ICT Outlook
  • Spain versus Czech Republic – Chemicals Outlook
  • Belgium versus Italy – Machines Outlook
  • Austria versus Hungary – Food Outlook
  • Germany versus Poland – Construction Outlook
  • Spain versus Turkey – Automotive Outlook
  • Belgium versus Ireland – Food Outlook
  • Switzerland versus France – Pharmaceuticals Outlook
  • Slovakia versus England – Chemicals Outlook
  • Northern Ireland versus Germany – Food Outlook
  • Czech Republic versus Turkey – Machinery Outlook
  • Italy versus Ireland – Chemicals Outlook

After readers have updated their knowledge on the sector and Atradius risk outlook score for the matched-up countries, they are invited to play the Atradius 2016 European Football Championship, a football pool where participants can submit their anticipated scores for the European Championship football matches. The scores, of course, have to be submitted before the start of the games. The participants with the highest point total at the end of the tournament can select a prize from the Euro 2016 shop (excluding Memorabilia).

The pool is open to Atradius customers, brokers, agents, partners, prospects and staff who are residents of Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, and United States of America.